It's like a band that nobody's ever heard of, with sparklers and fancy underwear...


Right. It's been a while. However, you'll be happy to know that things are pretty much the same around my house:

Me: I'm going to form a theatre troupe, I think...
James: Can I be in it?
Me: I don't think so. You're not very talented, and also I don't want to hang out with you any more than I have to.
James: I'm going to be the musical guest star.
Me: No you're not. You're not in it.
James: And the special guest star should be our mayor, all nerdy and straight laced and he can introduce me and be all, "ladies and gentlemen... introducing....WASP!"
Me: What the hell are you talking about?
James: Yeah, except instead of Blackie Lawless, it'll be me wearing my chainsaw cod piece, with sparklers shooting out of my nipples.
Me: Are you insane? First of all, you're not in my theatre troupe. Second, what is your obsession with WASP?
James: Probably because they're awesome.

James: So listen...I need a chainsaw cod piece and sparks to fly out of my nipples.
Me: No you don't.
James: You could get it for me for Christmas!!
Me: Name one song by WASP.
James: Cod piece.
Me: That's not a song.
James: Chainsaw nipples.
Me: That's not a song, either.
James: Nipple weapons.
Me: None of those are songs.
James: How do you know?
Me: You're right....I don't. I'll google it. Where are you going?
James:I have a chainsaw and some fireworks in the garage...I have to get started on my costume...

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P.S. I found this for you on the internet. It's Nicholas Cage...on the cover of a biology text Serbia:

(Via Best Week Ever)


Pogue December 1, 2011 at 8:43 AM  

Dude, I have been extremely disappointed in your lack of attention to bloggery needs, but both of those pictures that you posted TOTALLY make up for it! Is that a costume James really made, or masterful photoshopping?

Rebecca Grace December 4, 2011 at 8:53 AM  

Yay -- you resurfaced! Can I be in your theatre troupe? I do Interpretive Dance while my children practice piano. I wave dish towels instead of scarves, and according to my sons, it's VERY ANNOYING.

Thank you for the lovely images today. Just the right antidote to the sacharine-sweetness of Christmas that's overloading my senses. I hope James doesn't hurt himself with the chainsaw and fireworks... Some costumes are not for amateurs!

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