Facebook is my crazy Aunt Becky

Me, posting status updates for our bar on facebook:

Me: Post.
Facebook: Ok.
Me: Thanks, I'm leaving this page now.
Facebook: Are you sure you want to leave? You haven't finished your post...
Me: No, I finished it.  I just posted it.
Facebook: No. No you didn't.
Me: But I thought...huh.  Ok. Post.
Facebook: This status update is identical to the one you just posted.
Me: But you said...
Facebook: It's identical.
Me: You just said-
Facebook: It's the same post you just posted.
Me: Fine.  Then I'll just leave.
Facebook: Are you sure you want to leave? You haven't finished your post...
Me: I DID TOO!!!!

Facebook: No. No you didn't.
Me: I. Am. Leaving.
Facebook: Ok, but you're going to lose any changes you made...Are you sure you want to leave without finishing?
Me: I'M FINISHED!!!!!! I AM DONE!!!!
Facebook: Ok.  I was just trying to help.
Me: Screw you facebook. You and all of your smug facebook... facebookness. Screw you.
Facebook: You seem tense.  Would you like to play Farmville?
Me: I hate you.
Facebook: Ok. I'll meet you back here in 10 minutes?
Me: Right.


Clodagh November 4, 2012 at 5:59 PM  

I have an Aunt Becky too. She's mad. I can't post because it keeps telling me I haven't finished. What did you do to sort it out. Did you sort it out. Please reply as I am tearing my hair out.

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