Hoe down or barn dance - themed party

My fiance (James) owns a small neighborhood bar. The customer base is comprised mostly of locals and they're all pretty much regulars. We like to celebrate birthdays and holidays with theme parties and if it's your birthday, you get to pick the theme. Some themes are harder than others to decorate for....like a hoe down.

First - bales of hay were out of season. Primary decorating idea shot to hell.

An internet search for barn themes and hoe downs turned up great ideas....99% of which were for kids parties. No go.

Lots of creative thinking later....eureka, we've got some ideas!

Red wrapping paper and white streamers = barn doors. We had barn doors EVERYWHERE (we substituted register tape for the streamers because we have about 50 unusable rolls -trying to be green, you know)

We have this bar so empty beer bottles are in no short supply. We took 3 traditional red and white bandanas, ripped them into strips and tied them around the beer bottles. We then filled each bottle with tall wheat ($5.99 a bundle at Hobby Lobby). We placed the "vases" on all of the tables and in every nook and cranny that looked like it needed a "vase." We took the remaining bandana fabric and hung it over some of the "barn doors."

We went to the pet store and bought two bundles of timothy hay which we scattered in the window sills and stuffed in the "barn doors." (If you're going to do this, do it early, before your party....give the dust time to settle for those with allergies)

Hobby Lobby again....2 bags of mini fake apples which we placed in the hay and around the vases.

Finally, we blew up about 100 red, yellow and orange balloons and hung them around the room. We went with those colors because a barn theme reminded us of fall and those colors seemed appropriate.

It was a huge hit...it looked great and our birthday girls loved it. I'll post pictures when I have them.

Also - all of the decorations cost less than $50. Yay for great AND cheap parties!

Now, if anyone can help me with this 4th of July party I'm supposed to be planning....


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