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James and I are planning on getting married next summer. The date is yet to be decided because...well, because we have to wait until the Cubs post next years schedule. It's not really a Cubs themed wedding so much as it's a "lets just have a really great day" themed wedding. Going to a Cubs game is part of that day. Another part of that day is the perfect wedding dress. Ever since I saw Gwen Stefani's wedding dress, I knew I wanted to incorporate pink into my dress. I also wanted a tea length dress, either strapless or with a tank style neckline. In addition to being tea length, it also had to be poofy in the skirt. OOH! And polka dots! Somehow, there has to be polka dots. This dress, of course, does not exist. So, in true crafter fashion, I decided that I would create my wedding dress a la Pretty in Pink Molly Ringwald. (I think this is new terminology for me. I think the whole deconstructing/reconstructing dresses is now going to be "Mollying")

I've been scouring thriftstores for wedding dresses that somewhat resembled what I wanted, picking up one for $20 and then, while shopping for the cutest red shoes:

I found the perfect starting point for my wedding dress:65 bucks, you guys! Thank you Target! ( - shoes and dress)

I'm pretty sure that with a pair of scissors, some ribbon and a needle and thread, I can turn this sucker into exactly what I want....and if all else fails, I'm going to - check some of her gorgeous creations out (and see more at her site!):


Rachel B. Design September 23, 2008 at 11:31 PM  

Molly-ing!!!!! I freaking love you!!!!!!!

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