Mama said knock you out

...with incredible ceiling light fixtures!!! Yesss! Sweet-ass lighting!

This is something I get really enthused about because I am such a sucker for unique lighting. Unfortch, my apartment - which is awesome and perfect for me in every other way - has extremely pedestrian overhead light, so gazing at pictures of creatively assembled pendant lamps and quirky chandeliers is like an interior design version of porn: lust-inspiring, but I know it will never be that way for me in reality. Maybe that's a weird thing to say. No actually, I know it is. But I also know that a few of you share this passion, so I thought you might like to see some of the stuff that's got me all hot and bothered lately (I almost wrote "turned on" but then I realized that given the topic I'd be punning it up in the worst way and eff that):

Ugh. Come on. This is adorable: tea cup lights. Not a lot of people know this but in my youth I collected teacups/saucer sets. I think I had about fifteen sets, each of which I could still tell you where and approximately when I acquired them, but by my teens I sort of realized that if I kept buying them I ran the risk of becoming an actual "collector." Actual "collectors" are always kind of... bizzare people, and I was happy to keep my meager collection small and limited. Like a bonsai tree. Or a pygmy pony. But this made me wish I had kept going and then thought up this idea my very own self, whereas if I attempted this now it would be difficult to do without looking derivative and inviting comparisons. But possibly that is one risk that I would be willing to take.

Shuttlecock light! This kind of looks like an avant garde art installation of a goose exploding in midair, and maybe there's some kind of message that you have to infer from it, like something about saving the environment or being true to yourself or, I don't know. I'm not really keen on having any kind of sport paraphernelia in my home, but I have always felt that badminton was just a few steps above ping pong and croquet on the Cute Pretend Sport end of the Sports Activities continuum, so this seems like it would be alright.

I don't remember where I found this, but I saved the picture when I saw it. These are ceramic butterflies affixed to a glass sphere and this fixture is found in all fairy godmother forest homes (due to magical woodland cottage building codes).

These are also in the same building codes.

Bubble lamp. This is one of those things I'd have to put on a high shelf because dollars to donuts I would somehow break it and injur myself with glass shards. Still love it though.

Last one: birdcage lamp. I actually like the picture in my head of a birdcage lamp more than this particular picture. Birdcages are intriguing to me: I find the actual practice and concept of birds in tiny cages a little depressing, but the aesthetic of birdcages is soooo appealing to me. A couple of years ago I bought a green pagoda-style birdcage and filled it with origami cranes hanging from strings attatched to the roof of the cage. I also like the idea of hanging a birdcage in front of a window with a collection of colorful succulents/cacti inside, or maybe a big climbing plant with runners and leaves spilling out of the cage. And if I felt confident that I was knowledgable enough not to electrocute myself, I would totally build my own birdcage pendant lamps. Does anyone know know anything about electrical wiring and want to try this with me??


Gemini October 24, 2008 at 9:48 AM  

some day you should come west and go to burning man. you would love it. the big, funded art is nothing compared to the small, individual acts of amazing beauty people think up to bring out there because it's what you do out there.

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