It's bananas.

Wow. For someone who is online more than anyone I know, I'm incredibly neglectful of this thing. My apologies, I'm really working on it. So...I hate having my photo taken. I'm pretty comfortable with the way that I look but photos always seem to catch me at my worst moments. Not just my face, either...I think every little part of me looks bad in photos. And then Rachel comes along and does this:

Look!! My hands are delicate and girly! My nails don't look ragged and I don't have 162 year old woman hands. Bless you, Rachel, I LOVE this picture. (Rachel is a photographer although I'm sure you could can find her at )
In other news...I wish I didn't like the Rachel Zoe show. I wish I didn't like reality t.v. in general...after a while I start to believe that drama lies around every corner. I begin to wonder if I should step up my game. Or perhaps I should bring it? Did I make my outfit work? Do I pause long enough when my friends tell me that they saw my nemesis at the local trendy bar? Am I cool enough to shut it down? Am I mildly pms-ing or am I exhibiting the dreaded bitchassness? I'm working pretty hard but do I need to take it to the next level?
WHAT THE HELL??? See...I was gullible enough to believe reality t.v. was real...and then all that nonsense happened. I'm more inclined to believe that teenagers all sound like Dawson's Creek than I am to believe that people are always running around spouting off about their game and the various levels in it.
Of course, I should just turn off the t.v. Step down my game, perhaps.
I'm not going to.
I've got new jewelry to see you there!


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