Ode to the cassette tape

I admit it - I still have a huge stack of blank cassette tapes that I bought so I could make mix tapes...and I bought them in this decade. I miss mix tapes. We used to sit around and pick out just the right songs, sit in front of the dual tape deck so we could hit pause at just the right moment, and when we were finished, doodle a brightly colored picture for the insert. It was always a good day when someone would reach into their bag ever so casually, brush the hair out of their face and say, "oh yeah, I made this for you," ...and give you the gift of a mix tape. Apparently other people share my sense of nostalgia for the mix tape and have come up with some creative ways to show their affection...

Mix Tape necklace!

(image via craftlog)

Cassette tape closet...oooooooh...

(image via www.ffffound.com)

Mix tape book I apparrently need to read:

Mix tape poster for my wall:

(you can buy this for me...ahem...I mean, yourself at Sparklepower)

and what may be one of the most fantastic things I've ever seen, the ninja mix tape t-shirt:

(um...this you should seriously buy for me here, at Beta)


Lisa G at G Whiz October 25, 2008 at 8:54 AM  

Love the cassette tape art. Reminds me of days in the 80's making mixed tapes for my friends from record albums. Hitting pause in between each track - each one took so long to make! Now we have itunes. I feel so old.

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